The Israeli Association for Medical Informatics was established about 25 years ago as a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to promoting knowledge, excellence, and development and using of information systems in the health services in Israel.

The members of ILAMI come from a variety of organizations (Governmental, HMO’s, private and business’ organizations and academic institutions) and professional backgrounds (information systems specialists and managers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and more). Being as such, the association provides an arena for a mutual information exchange and professional interaction at all levels of knowledge.

ILAMI represents Israel at the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

ILAMI has two elected institutions: the association’s counsel, whose members are elected by the association’s members and the board of directors, whose members are elected from the counsel and by its members. The current association’s institution’s members come from a variety of professions and originate from various sections of health services, non-profit and for-profit organizations and the academic world and being as such, represent the multi dimensional character of ILAMI.

ILAMI activities

ILAMI is holding an annual conference, which provides its members an arena for presenting activities, ideas and innovations on the one hand and exchange of knowledge and fruitful discussion on the other hand.
ILAMI is holding throughout the academic year a variety of one-day courses and tutorials on relevant issues in the realm of medical Informatics. These tutorials give ILAMI’s members the chance to be updated in new developments and recent innovations in their field of interest.
The vision of ILAMI is to be the main body dealing with initiation, consolidation, training and implementation of medical Informatics standards and regulations in Israel, through adopting and adapting accepted international standards in that realm.